Guitarist & Educator


Hello Friends!

I have been working with Beverly Taki & the David Shenton Orchestra and we had our Carnegie Hall debut in 2014.

Right now I have been working with my Jazz Trio around town!

I started writing and performing with the talented Devonee Banchik and now I am also playing around town with      Keith Ward, a young and talented piano player and singer!

Dont' miss my JaZz Organ Trio summer gigs at Bar Thalia, always a fun hang!

, also worked for MADONNA from 2014 until mid 2016 :) --The Best!!    


November 13th Pete Demeo Band Bitter End, NYC 7PM

November 16th Devonee B. & Hendrik H. Duet, Bitter End, NYC, 8pm

November 30th Bar Thalia Hendrik Helmer Organ Trio, 9-11PM,. NYC

December 14th Keith Ward, Red Lion, 7pm, NYC

December 18th, Beverly Taki Band, Bitter End 9:30, NYC

December 21th Bar Thalia Hendrik Helmer Organ Trio, 9-11PM, NYC


Januar 18th Keith Ward at Rockwood Music Hall 2, 8pm

April 13th Hamm, Alt Hamm, 19.00 Uhr Blues Session

April 14th "Comin' Home Konzert " Gorke Vieth Helmer Concert", Nottuln, Alte Amtmannei 20.00 Uhr , Germany

April 20th Global, Muenster, Organ Quartett, 21.00Uhr